Caitlin Kniazewycz

Caitlin kniazewycz 

Shop steward and Treasurer of PG&E Unit Board at ESC Local 20
PG&E Principal Mapping Technician, Gas Operations since 2012

“As a Californian, I’ve lived through smoky orange-sky days and the regular threat of wildfire in a warming state. As a principal mapping technician for PG&E, I think about the realities of electrification and minimizing our climate impacts everyday. I’m fighting for a worker-led transition because as union workers at California’s biggest utility company, we have a huge stake in this – from using our expertise to build new systems, to managing a successful internal transition for our talented workforce as we move from reliance on natural gas to cleaner sources of power. We are ready to build the green energy systems of our future – to ensure we deliver safe, clean, and reliable power to all Californians as we adapt to a hotter, less hospitable climate.”